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Our Journey

Dekr construction was conceived in 2012 with the notion of servicing the community it will help build, by working towards the goals of the people involved, not just the business.

Our Journey has been riddled with challenges that our management, with its 25+ years of combined professional industrial engineering, HVAC and architectural experience, has solved with digital innovation and precision planning combined.


Our Family

Over the past decade that Dekr Construction has been in existence, our journey has allowed us to partner with some of the biggest and best names of the industry. Whether it be procurement or legalities, our team and our extended network of partners are always available to come in and chip in their two cents of professional opinion.

Our Friends

Over the course of our journey, Dekr is proud to have put a smile on more than a few faces. With over 500 projects having been completed, our compendium of testimonials, case studies and satisfied customers is a testament in itself. And if that wasn’t it, then get this… over 70% of our business comes from referrals! That’s how good we are at what we do.


Our approach, no matter who the client or what size of the project has been three-phased. Check out how we approach work below.


The first step is always understanding what you want. If you already have drawings or your project is halfway through, this step is even more important so we have an objective view of how to take things forward.


We digitize anything and everything we practically can, so we have virtual resources to play around and experiment with before we finalize numbers and reports and send them all your way.


This is the step where we get our hands dirty. With everything at hand, we get to work and make sure that in terms of budget, we stick to the plan. In this stage, you basically sit back and keep an eye while we work.


Founder & Managing Director – DEKR CONSTRUCTION

Building real-time estimations with up-to-date technology is offered at Dekr Constructions Inc.  


Never settle less than excellence and accuracy. Estimations are a serious thing, businesses rely on our consultations, that’s why we deliver the best.

Ali Nawaz CEO Dekr Construction USA
Rafay Elahi Dekr Construction USA

The Dekr Code of Conduct

Dekr Construction with its aim of servicing its community and not just building it, believes and expects all of its employees to abide by a certain standard of moral and professional ethics. This is how we have made our place in the hearts of our customers.


Our services help build houses and communities. We enable our professional relationships by being honest and open.


Our personnel have to enter people’s homes and that is a sacred space. For that reason we are hard pressed for transparency both ways.


We do not discriminate against and call for diversity. We feel this is our duty to enable communities with the help of these different opinions.


As a company, we enable our staff by making sure everyone is part of the process, and we do not discriminate.


Our constructions host and house people. Safety for the workers and the residents is always a top priority for Dekr Construction.


Servicing different sets locations across borders is never easy. However we stay on top, with a check on legal and compliance.

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