Commercial estimation

Commercial estimation under  amazingly skilled workers, contractors and engineers is our hallmark. Construction varying from mid-rise to high rise buildings is one of our expertise.

• Do you need consultancy with the estimation and scheduling of commercial construction
• Or you don’t have the expertise to perform bill of material for a specific detail?
• Or you are not aware about how to prepare and file a bidding proposal?

We have got you covered. With the team of expert quantity surveyors, consultants, and engineers, we can guarantee accurate and timely services tailored to your specific needs. We help you achieve your goals whether that involves preparing estimates, setting profit margins, or smartly filing bidding proposals that can set you apart from the mainstream. With inhouse trade specialized estimators, we offer commercial estimating services in all CSI divisions, you can rely on us for the following takeoffs:

• Sitework,
• Masonry, Concrete
• Structural, Steel Door/Windows
• Mechanical, Electrical
• Plumbing, Lumber
• Finishes, Thermal/moisture protection

Commercial buildings have different quality elements that influence the cost. The type of wall and roofing, for instance, would determine whether a building falls under class A, B or C. Average commercial construction costs would also depend on the quality of infrastructure laid in them. Class A commercial buildings are of the highest quality. These buildings are equipped with top tier fixtures that cost more to acquire, such as HVACs, amenities and technological systems.

Their exteriors and interiors are aesthetically pleasing, and in most cases, these types of buildings are in parts of the city where land prices are steep. Most high rises fall under class A buildings, and that means more materials for the high walls and ceilings.

Class B commercial buildings are of average quality. Their architectural details and fixtures are not as impressive as those of Class A buildings, but they are decent nonetheless. These buildings
are usually less than 4 stories tall.

Class C buildings are located in the least pleasant areas of the city. They have the least amount of amenities and modern fixtures. Their finishing quality similarly falls below those of class A and class B buildings. Class C commercial office construction costs would be lower than the above two.

Offering quick turnarounds and reliable solutions in residential estimating services tailored to the specific needs of Residential Contractors, Subcontractors, Homebuilders, Home Owners, Developers, Investors, Lenders, and Architects.

An accurate residential estimate serves as a basis for the entire construction cash flows. For planning the construction of residential buildings, a proper cost estimate gives the idea of the potential costs that helps calculate markups, allocate budget, obtain financing, quote prices to the clients, and negotiate with contractors and subcontractors through our Residential estimating services.

We perform the breakdown of labor costs with respect to union and prevailing wages including standard time and overtime. The bill of material is listed in CSI Master Format division wise or by the pattern of CSI costs in EXCEL spreadsheets so that you can easily review and send it to your vendors for pricing.

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