CPM scheduling

This scheduling technique is used to plan and control a project and to calculate the minimum completion time for a project along with the possible start and finish times for the project activities.

Critical Path Scheduling is utilized to effectively manage construction projects by analyzing project scope, requirements, and risks with regard to time and resources.

It helps in planning and
scheduling the essential activities, determining the critical and high-risk activities, the time each of them takes, and their relation with other activities at the project site.

The right CPM schedule not only helps to set a budget and anticipate critically issues before happening but also contribute to achieving various milestones throughout the project lifecycle, It effectively plans and organizes the tasks, measure progress, quantify results and continuously
updates to changes with maximum efficiency.

Our CPM scheduling consultant remains thoroughly engaged with the project teams through all the phases of the construction project from the concept to design and from pre-construction to close-out. We help our clients streamline their project by taking into account all the requirements, stated budget limits while following strict industry standards and contractual terms that lead to improved revenue and on-time completion of the project.

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