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Dekr construction has a management with more than 2 decades of combined experience having sourced and worked each and every nook and cranny of the estate development business. The company as a service provider includes wide-ranged supplies, labor, contractors, material
and construction services. This is all estimated by highly-equipped crew that uses multiple aids
to sum up everything. The use of software related to estimation and budgeting is functional, the
on-site team is cooperative and they try their best to achieve ultimatums.

Our Service Avenues


Material Takeoff

Need a master plan with everything documented? Let us take the reins and develop takeoffs with staggering precision and foresight. Our management boasts multi-disciplinary experience and understands how different scopes of projects play into the whole project’s development in the long run. For this purpose, our documentation and takeoff deliveries are a testament to their own success.


Cost Estimations

If you want someone to come in and give you an estimate of your project, we have the right tools and resources to get you in touch with. We can take any and all technical documentation that you may already have or develop it for you, with estimates that will make your procurement process nothing less of a complete breeze.


Project Management

Tell us what you want and then sit back and relax. Let us take the whole project from wherever you hand it to us all the way forward to the very end. We can develop commercial, industrial, integrated MEP and EPC projects apart from the occasional residential renovations and remodeling. Either ways, we have you covered.

Our Service Vectors


Construction Vs. Development

Whether you’re a builder or a developer, we can help with your dream project. We understand the difference of approach with construction workers and developers who are usually more involved with financing and investments. Keeping this in mind, we have a very balanced approach towards estate development and construction in general allowing us to stick to your budget and deliver on our promises.


Master Planning & Engineering

Do you need the right kind of analysis of your project? Is your project stuck halfway due to an unforeseen problem? Either ways, we’re here to help. We have a team of engineers, developers and architects in-house specifically for coming in and developing master plans and even punching the technical numbers for when the need arises.


Management Vs. Consulting

We understand how sometimes you have everything to get started, however you still want a second opinion, a cold-eye review or perhaps someone to come in and take the whole thing forward for you. Luckily, we do both. If you’d like a quick word about your dream project or want to run some numbers by us, we’d be happy to get to work.


Operations & Procurement

With more than a decade under our belt, we can come in with our pool of soft, technical as well as professional resources who can not only save you costs with your procurement needs but can go a step ahead and get you the best numbers and names in the industry so you are sure of the quality and quantity of the equipment and material you get.

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